A unique aspect of Equity is our mentoring/coaching program. This innovative program provides agents with everything they need to build a thriving real estate career with simple steps to take each week to build their business. It’s one-on-one teaching at its best and incorporates practice, “homework,” and constructive critiquing from a seasoned mentor. Mentoring/coaching allows you as a new agent to feel completely confident as you present to clients and quickly close your first deals! 

  • Personal, Individualized Mentoring for a Full Year
  • 8-Week Start-Up Program
    • The first eight weeks, you’ll meet once a week with Shelby Palmer, our top agent for the past two years, averaging over 50 transactions/year. Shelby will work with you to customize a program for your growth and ensure you get on the right path with the right habits.
  • 10 Months Continued Support
    • Once you have a custom program in place, Shelby will continue to work with you on an as needed basis for the next 10 months.
  • 12-Week Buffini Blue Print Training
    • In addition, mentoring includes a 12-Week Buffini Blue Print training to complement the individual mentoring. The brokerage will pay for the training as part of the mentoring program ($400 value).

 If you are interested in this program, please email Shelby at shelbyfentonpalmer@gmail.com.  

* Cost is $500 upfront (due before your first mentoring sessioin) and then a 30% commission of your first five transactions.